columbário na letónia
columbarium in latvia

porto, portugal. projeto 2021. Para o concurso de arquitetura internacional Columbarium – The Chamber of Memories, lançado por bee breders. porto, portugal. project 2021. for the international architecture competition Columbarium – The Chamber of Memories, launched by bee breders. The Columbarium aims, first of all, at the creation of a new plaza in the Forest Cemetery in Riga. This square plaza, with a side of 25 meters, is a new gate way in the complex for those who arrive from the north. The plaza is surrounded by a covered portico all around and by the 564 niches that its thick enclosing walls accommodate. The niches are disposed in three rows, and they all measure 50x50x50 centimeters. The Columbarium is completely prefabricated, and all the elements that compose the building can be assembled in place in under three weeks. The 246 concrete elements can be transported from the factory in ten trucks at the same time, creating a performative promenade through the roads of Latvia. The dark, almost black, concrete reflects the severe character of the building and absolves the natural light under the roof, which contrasts with the very bright plaza of green grass.